Mobile & Remote
File Server Access

Whether for road warrior sales teams or field engineers at a construction site, file server mobility boosts employee productivity and increases collaboration between mobile workers and office workers.

Quickly Add Mobile & Remote Access!

Quickly add mobile & remote access to on-premise file servers with new cloud-like access & secure file sharing capabilities while retaining the old security safeguards, permission controls and data ownership!

Increase mobile workforce productivity with these features
Mapped Drives
Remotely access file server shares from a drive letter, without the need for a VPN.
Mobile Access
Connect to your file server with iOS or Android mobile devices and edit files directly using other mobile applications.
Web File Manager
Replace cumbersome VPNs and access files remotely using any web browser. Limit access to just the needed files.
Office 365 Integration
Edit office documents from a web browser and use Office 365 applications to edit files from Triofox on iOS and Android devices
Traditional VPN file sharing is slow. Triofox is built with speed in mind to accelerate remote access.
On-demand Synchronization
Minimize storage and bandwidth consumption by automatically syncing and caching only the files you need.
Offline Folders
Frequently accessed folders can be marked for offline access so their content gets pre-fetched in the background to shorten time-to-access.
Parallel Transfers
Multiple file uploads and downloads can happen in parallel to fully leverage the available Internet transfer bandwidth.
Differential Uploads
For large file transfers, differentials are calculated such that the transfer only includes the blocks that are modified.
The ability to serve files and folders directly from file servers on-premises without any involvement from third party sites is already a big security improvements. Additional security features include:
Active Directory
Save time by allowing users to automatically login with their existing username and password from Active Directory.
NTFS Permissions
Automatically use the existing NTFS permissions while maintaining the granular control of the entire folder hierarchy within you network file shares.
Endpoint Encryption
Automatically encrypt data at rest on all your endpoints to enhance data protection.
Single Sign-On
Integrate with Azure AD, DUO and other SAML 2.0 compatible identity provider services to simplify authentication from web browsers or desktop clients.
MDM Integration
Triofox integrates with MobileIron, Maas360 and other MDM platforms to enhance mobile device security management.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Leverage Google Authenticator, Amazon MFA or DUO for two factor authentication.
Triofox provides the following features to facilitate collaboration between co-workers that are working in the same set of files while depending on each other for file updates.
File Locking
Maintain familiar file locking experiences like automatically locking file that are in use.
Version Control
Triofox provides an easy-to-access version control history that simplifies recovery from Cyber-Attacks like ransomware.
Conflict Detection
Prevent accidental modification or deletion of files with extra layers of conflict detection.
Change Notification
Receive automatic alerts that help keep track of all changes in the system.

File Server Mobile Access Benefits

Triofox extends the reach of file server and active directory services from the local area network to remote mobile workers. Active Directory security and NTFS permission models are maintained as if nothing changed, and users get a familiar drive letter to access files from remote locations with simplified access from web browsers and mobile devices.

Reduce Costs By Replacing VPN
Eliminate the overheads and support tickets commonly associated with VPN file sharing, Always On VPNs or Direct Access. Automatically use existing users and permissions to save setup time and money.
Minimize Data Sprawl
Avoid the headaches of data sets split between internal file servers, email attachments or the personal Dropbox accounts of your employees.
Simplify Management
Centrally manage users, access controls and easily keep track of where the data is, who has access and how it’s being accessed and updated.
Boost Productivity
Provide an always-on mapped drive that works anywhere on any device and allows mobile users to easily access internal file shares and collaborate with colleagues.
Enhance Data Security
With military grade endpoint encryption, secure connections and network protocol locking down to minimum required. It is more secure with less surface exposed.
Strengthen Compliance
Strengthen compliance with data ownership maintained and with additional file change audit trace and file retention policy.
Boost mobile productivity and enable workforce to work from home today!