Take Your File Servers
Back To The Future

Triofox prepares file servers for a productive future that is independent of data location or deployment model. Whether your needs are best served by migration to a public cloud, private cloud or just file servers on-premises, you'll maximize the productivity of your mobile workforce without sacrificing control, security or privacy.

Best of Both Worlds!

Combine traditional file server security from the old world, with modern mobile productivity from the new to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Security & Ownership

File servers are great if you want to maintain data ownership with secure IT infrastructure and well understood technologies such as Active Directory and NTFS permissions. Triofox builds a mobile access and file sharing solution based on file servers to leverage these strengths.

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Data Ownership
With file servers, business owners know exactly where the data is and it's easier to meet compliance requirements.
Active Directory
Active Directory and NTFS permissions are very mature security technologies protecting file server access. This simplifies maintenance for qualified IT stuff.
File Servers in the Cloud
Moving file servers to regional data centers or cloud platforms like Azure and AWS has become a popular option. But this creates a mobile access challenge. Triofox provides simplified mobile access to file servers in the cloud that maintains familiar on-premises experiences like mapped drives and automatic file locking.
Software Defined Storage
AS file servers become more powerful with elastic storage capacity from software-defined-storage or other technologies, they are becoming private clouds in their own right making it natural to layer in secure file sharing to take advantage of its capacity while keeping the user experience simple and familiar.

Cloud & Mobility

With mobile access, secure file sharing, data protection and private cloud migration features built around the security strengths of a file server, the file server is fully equipped with the cloud features it needs to maintain the productivity needs of the future.

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Mobile Access
Access file shares remotely with natively mapped drives on Windows and Mac clients. Replicate the same experience on mobile devices and web browsers.
Secure File Sharing
Triofox turns shared files and folders into web links that can be used to securely transfer large files with a simple user experience.
Data Protection
Protect your data from accidental deletion or unexpected corruption with version controls at the file level. Meet compliance requirements and track system changes with audit traces and file change history. continuity
Private Cloud Readiness
Triofox enables data management between local file server and privately owned cloud storage locations. Keeping data on-premises, in a regional data center or in AWS or Azure in the future all become valid choices for you.
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