File Server
Data Protection

Triofox significantly reduces the infrastructure costs associated with data protection and business continuity. For example, the Triofox server doubles as a backup appliance for file shares and endpoints at no additional cost, providing an extremely efficient way to increase productivity by minimizing the duration and impact of outages.

Ransomware Protection

Triofox also adds ransomware protection and alert to your file server. It will monitor the Triofox clients for any unusual activity and shut them down if it sees a possible attack. It also adds versioning and offsite backup of your file server which allows IT to recover from any attacks or accidental deletions.

Data Protection

Protect your data from accidental deletion or unexpected corruption with version controls at the file level. Meet compliance requirements and track system changes with audit traces and file change history.

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Prevent Data Loss and Corruption
With version control, employees can go back in time to see file changes and resolve conflicts or restore entire folders.
Audit File Change History
With audit traces and file change history, it is much easier to understand where the changes are coming from and how to resolve conflicts.
Meet Compliance and Regulation Requirements
Version controls and retention policies also help to meet HIPPA or FINRA compliance regulations that require certain data types to be retained for specific periods.
Offsite Private Cloud Backup
The Triofox server also operates as a backup appliance that can replicate file server network shares and folders on connected devices to a designated backup target location for added protection.

Business Continuity

With Triofox, your private cloud backup data repository is also an active, shared workspace that can be accessed directly when your file servers are unavailable. Or you can instantly spin up a new environment by restoring the file server network shares to a new off-site location.

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Private Cloud Backup for Continuity
Maintain worker productivity with direct access to your backup repository when your file servers are offline. Backing up file server network shares and folders on remote devices also creates a live fail-over environment.
Branch Office File Server Synchronization
Synchronize files and folders from remote branch offices to headquarters for business continuity.
Leverage AWS and Azure Cloud Services
Synchronize local file server network shares to designated AWS or Azure accounts for business continuity. continuity
Leverage Local Data Centers for Business Continuity
Synchronize local file server network shares to local data centers for business continuity.

How it Works?

Version control and file retention are the core of data protection. Triofox also adds bi-directional synchronization between file servers for business continuity, with off-site backup and restore layered on top.


Version Control & Retention
Version control and file retention is the core functionality of data protection.

Two Way Synchronization
Two way synchronization is built on top of version control for business continuity.

Backup & Restore
Snapshot backup and restore is layered on top for addition protection.
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