Triofox enhances existing Windows file servers with secure remote access, mobile file sharing, data protection, and cloud migration, while addressing business concerns about security, privacy, compliance and control. Triofox enhances productivity of your mobile workforce without sacrificing data ownership, data privacy and data security.

COVID-19 Readiness

For those transitioning to remote and home working environments due to COVID-19 precautions, Gladinet Triofox can quickly mobilize your file servers for your mobile and work-from-home workforce.

Secure Remote
File Server Access

Empower remote workers and home workers with a simple and secure file server access solution from anywhere using any device. Eliminate VPN headaches. Accelerate productivity for the mobile workforce without sacrificing data ownership, data privacy, or data security.

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Eliminate VPN Headaches
Take your office experience anywhere with a simple mapped drive that easily connects to a file server. Fix everything you hate about VPNs without moving to the cloud!
Increase Employee Mobility
Boost mobile workforce productivity with mobile applications, Windows and Mac client agents and web-browser-based file manager.
Maintain Compliance and Data Ownership
Eliminate data leakage and shadow IT threats by keeping data on your file servers while leveraging Active Directory and NTFS permissions for access control.
Maximize Security
Protect your network by translating remote requests for files to authenticated queries to Active Directory and network shares.

Business Continuity

Empower workforce to work from home or from any other alternative work place arrangements safely and securely. Staying away from disasters impact such as those from hurricanes, storms and reducing exposure to global pandemics like the recent ongoing coronavirus. Use Triofox to enhance business continuity and help your workforce gain secure remote and mobile access to file servers when they are working from home or any remote locations.

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Easy Access
Take your office experience home with a simple mapped drive that easily connects to a file server. No more VPN headaches with an always-on mapped drive integrated into your desktop or laptop.
Increase Mobility
Boost mobile workforce productivity by presenting files and folders to employees' mobile phone and web browsers.
Added Version Control
Version control is built in so employees just access the files from the file server without additional work flow such as check-in or check-out files. The version control happens under the hood in an automatic way.
Flexible and Fast
Triofox works directly on top of your existing file servers. The setup process is very simple and very fast. Since it is an additional layer on top of your existing data, the tear-down process is also very simple and flexible if you don't need the solution anymore. There is no vendor lock-in.

Ransomware Protection

Triofox provides a suite of data protection and business continuity features that make your workforce more productive by minimizing the duration and impact of file server outages while reducing the costs of business continuity and data protection.

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Access Control & Protection
Protect your data with features like device approval, audit trace logs, file change history, ransomware protection and native integration with Active Directory and NTFS permissions to protect file access.
Audit Trace & File Change Logs
Enhance change control by extending Windows shadow copy services with file versioning. It does not only tracks the who, what, when and where for each change, but also simplifies point-in-time recovery from user errors and malicious attacks.
Private or Public Cloud Backup
Define the backup target location for your network file shares. Files and folders will be replicated off-site to another on-premises location or public cloud and can also be accessed directly for business continuity.
Device Backup
Backup files and folders from remote devices to a centralized Triofox server to provide peace of mind and endpoint protection even without reliable access to the permanent corporate network.

Take Your File Servers
Back To The Future

Triofox prepares file servers for a productive future that is independent of data location or deployment model. Whether your needs are best served by migration to a public cloud, private cloud or just file servers on-premises, you'll maximize the productivity of your mobile workforce without sacrificing control, security or privacy. Combine traditional file server security with mobile productivity to enjoy the best of both worlds!

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How it Works?

Triofox is easy to install and configure. We or one of our partners are here to assist with the setup.


Install Triofox Server
Run the Triofox installer on a clean Windows Server and the installer will install all dependency components. Basic setup and configuration requires only a few minutes.

Configure File Server Shares
Enable Active Directory integration and file server discovery. After that you can publish file server network shares to Active Directory users for secure, remote and mobile access.

Professional Services
You can use Triofox professional services team for setup, configuration and training or work directly with one of our authorized partners. Click here to find a list of our authorized partners.
Boost mobile productivity and enable workforce to work from home today!